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Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions

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* Deposit for slot with Artist Celeste : RM50
* Lash Removal of other Artists' Work : RM20

Classic lashes - 1 single lash extension on 1 mature lash
Volume lashes - 1 cluster of lash extensions on 1 mature lash
Russian Technique lashes - mix of singles and cluster lash extensions on all stages of hair (including baby lash)
Flash Lash - Lashes done in within 1 hour 30 minutes

Add-on - Coloured accent lashes, brown lashes

Soft fluffy and so pretty, lash extensions can elevate your look instantly.

✔️ No stinging eyes
✔️ No eyelid poking sensation
✔️ Done in less than 2 hours
✔️ Aftercare kit provided 

** Lash Infill is applicable within 2 weeks, after new set of lashes.
If lash coverage is less than 50%, they will require a new set.
(If unsure, please contact your lash tech.)


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