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Microshading - Microblading + Ombré Powder (2 sessions)

Microshading - Microblading + Ombré Powder (2 sessions)

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* Deposit for slot with Master Artist Andrea : RM600
* Deposit for slot with Artist Cat, Artist Celeste : RM200

Microshading is a combination technique of Microblading + Ombré Powder Brows using manual microblade & tattoo machine. It implements our Signature Feather hair strokes on top of micro dots for that beautiful, dense yet natural fluffy brows look.

This option is suitable for clients with little to no eyebrow hair as it creates a fuller looking eyebrow whilst having the uber natural hair strokes.

Also great for oily, large pore, dry skin individuals.

✔️ In-depth consultation about desired outcome before procedure
✔️ Facial features are measured for symmetry
✔️ Procedure does not start until both you and your artist is happy with the pre-drawn shape
✔️ Numb cream is provided throughout procedure

*Free  Touch up is applicable within 3 months after date of procedure


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