Dark Lip Neutralisation

RM1,498.00 MYR

lip neutralisation is a procedure specialising in going over with color that cancels out the darkness using color layering . it is not taking off the darkness chemically or cellularly.

For clients who wishes to proceed with this procedure, it is a highly intricate procedure which requires artist to apply soft & consistent pressure, it can take 2, 3,4  procedures to complete the look to desired results. Client who has hyper pigmented lips are highly prone to trauma, which can result in irreversible effect if done incorrectly. Therefore client needs to have realistic expectation, be very patient with the procedure & to prepare herself accordingly to the procedure.

If you are able to accept & understand it, then I would be most delighted to work on your lips for you.

* Clients are paying RM350 first as a deposit, full payment will be collected when procedure is done