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Laser Removal Single Session

Laser Removal Single Session

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* Deposit for slot with Master Artist Andrea / Artist Cat / Artist Celeste : RM150

Price of RM350 for your first session, RM340 for subsequent sessions is calculated per session.

Our laser eyebrow tattoo removal uses targeted high intensity light beams to break up pigment particles that are in your skin, which will then be absorbed and disposed of naturally by your body.

If your tattoo has been implanted deep into the skin, you will require more sessions to achieve your desired result. Your age, skin condition and also the amount of melanin present in your skin can affect the number of sessions you will need. Each session will be in between 2 months.

✔️ In-depth consultation about your desired outcome before procedure
✔️ No bleeding after laser session
✔️ Brow hair still intact
✔️ Numb cream is provided
✔️ Minimal to no pain throughout laser session

*Please have a look at our Laser Removal + New Brows Package for added value

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