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Lip Blush by Artist Cat

Lip Blush by Artist Cat

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Note : This procedure will be done by Artist Cat

Lip Blush Tattoo helps to enhance the natural shape of your lips, giving them a boost of colour and vitality. It is quickly becoming popular because it saves you a lot of time to get ready, and lets you be you the whole day without worrying about reapplying lip products because it will never smudge!

A wide selection of colours are available for you to choose from, or show us your favourite shade of lip product when you come in for your appointment. Besides giving you a flush of colour to awaken your complexion, Lip Blush can redefine the contour of your lips. The final result will resemble a subtle but more polished natural lip tint look.

* Clients are paying RM350 first as a deposit, full payment will be collected when procedure is done

**Touch Ups are applicable within 6 months after date of procedure

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