After procedure, every hour for 4 hours, dab lips with tissue/cotton with water to take off excess lymph build up.

1: Apply transparent SPF lip balm every hour with a cotton bud.

2: Drink a minimum of 3 litres of water with a straw to keep your lips hydrated.

3: Do not pick, lick, or peel your lips, avoid stretching lips excessively. Don’t touch your lips with your hands without washing them first!

4: No hot, oily, salty or spicy food for 10 days including alcohol.

5: Stay out of sun & heat. No swimming in swimming pools.

6: Do not apply makeup on your lips for 20 days, it may alter the colour and also cause infections!

Lip color will start to get saturated by the first day. On the second day, lips will start to feel dry which is why it is important to keep yourself hydrated & apply moisturiser constantly.

By the 3rd day or so, lips will start to crack and flake. DO NOT PICK AT THE SKIN!

⚜️ Please note that it can take 8 weeks for lips to totally heal in terms of color. Color will blossom & there are times where lips might look to get darker or there seems to be no color deposited, it is normal. Please wait for the 8 weeks to pass before we can make a conclusion as your lip skin will need time to heal, regenerate from the trauma & the color to resurface.