These are the techniques to care for your brows:

1: For 7 days, morning & night, dab brows with damp cotton to clean off dirt oil grime.

2: First week will be super dark. Second week when it starts to crack and peel, don’t freak out! It will be super light as though I never did anything to your brows or it will be patchy. By the third-fourth week is when the color will resurface and we will see if you need a touch up.

3: Please don't wear any make up, or have exposure to the sun, no swimming and sauna for 2 weeks.

4: Avoid acid, oil base products on forehead. This will strip color off.

5: Keep eyebrow area as dry as possible for 1 week. If sweat or water touches it, take tissue or towel and dab it. After 1 week wash face like normal with gentle cleanser.

6: Do not pick or pluck the scabs during healing period.

7: To protect brows you can use sunscreen on area after 3 weeks once healed.